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KVVY Tutkimus Oy and KVVY ry

KVVY Tutkimus Oy is a 150-strong expert organisation that offers environmental research at regional and national level. We offer extensive certified sampling services, diverse and comprehensive accredited laboratory analyses, and research and reporting services, all under one roof. There are KVVY Tutkimus Oy laboratories in Tampere, Pori, Rauma, and Vaasa. In addition, we have service points in Hämeenlinna, Sastamala, and Jyväskylä.

Research services

  • Research of water systems, load estimations and planning of restoration measures
  • Biological studies of fish stocks, benthic fauna and aquatic plants
  • Wastewater treatment plant monitoring and treatment process optimization
  • Environmental permit applications and monitoring programs for the operators
  • Assessment of the operators impact on the water body based on the studies made
  • Certified sampling services

Laboratory services

  • Water analyses (natural water bodies, ground water, wastewater etc.)
  • Food chemistry and microbiology
  • Home and environmental health studies
  • Toxicity testing
  • Waste utilization and recycling studies

KVVY is a testing laboratory with T064 accreditation from the Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS). The accreditation requirement is compliance with the standard SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Our T064 area of competence is presented at www.finas.fi.

Our laboratories have received the Finnish Food Authority’s approval as testing laboratories in the following areas: food examinations (official laboratory), Trichinella tests, zoonosis and salmonella tests, fertiliser examinations, feed examinations (official laboratory and own-check laboratory), by-product examinations (for animal-derived by-products and for biogas and composting plants), indoor air / residential health examinations, domestic water analyses, and swimming-water and pool-water analyses. More information on the approvals is available at www.ruokavirasto.fi/laboratoriopalvelut/ruokaviraston-hyvaksymat-laboratoriot.

The main values for our operations are customer-orientation, expertise, reliability, and impartiality. Our goal is to improve the state of the environment, which we try to achieve by producing research services that comply with our core values and the principles of sustainability. We monitor our customers’ satisfaction by such means as customer-satisfaction surveys. According to our last customer survey, 100% of our customers were extremely satisfied with our services and would recommend us to others. In line with our strategy, we aim to forge long-term partnerships that help secure the continuation and development of local services.

Company is solely owned by The Water Protection Association of the River Kokemäenjoki (Kokemäenjoen vesistön vesiensuojeluyhdistys – KVVY ry), and it is a social enterprise which profits are used in water and environmental protection.  Our annual turnover is about 10 million. We are a member of The Association for Finnish Work and have The Key Flag Symbol and The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark issued by the association. The Key Flag Symbol indicates that our services are produced in Finland and that we contribute to the creation of jobs in Finland. The Social Enterprise label was granted to us in recognition of our work to solve social and environmental problems and to advance social good.

The Water Protection Association of the River Kokemäenjoki (Kokemäenjoen vesistön vesiensuojeluyhdistys – KVVY ry) is one of the 11 regional water protection associations in Finland. The KVVY ry, founded in 1961, is a non-profit association, which promotes water protection in the water basin of two rivers, the River Kokemäenjoki and the River Karvianjoki. All municipalities and most of the interest groups in the area of operation are members of the association. Membership fees (< 2% of the annual turnover) are used for counselling and non-profit projects. The main objective of the association is to support water and environmental protection.

Contact Us

Mr. Jukka Lammentausta

Head of Water Services
tel. + 358 3 246 1217

Henkilökohtaiset sähköpostiosoitteet muodossa: etunimi.sukunimi@kvvy.fi
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